Hello from the Bar~K


This is the inaugural post on the FeedTn.com website.

We’ll use the blog for putting out anything you may want to know about the goings on here at the Bar~K, including how our supply is doing if that becomes an issue.

Also, don’t forget the warm bread for your holiday guests.

Take care, stay safe.

The Kays.

10 thoughts on “Hello from the Bar~K”

    1. You’re welcome. It’s always nice to stay in touch with our neighbors. I’m glad you enjoyed the bread and rolls. Looking forward to your visit.

  1. We always love our yearly visits to TN and the ranch! The eggs are incredible along with Dana’s fresh made bread! Her homemade pear jam was awesomely delicious! Looking forward to our next visit soon!

    1. We look forward to your visits also. Glad you enjoy your time here, along with the food. Funny you should mention the jam, that’s something that will probably be available in the future.

  2. On my rare visits to your Tennessee home the first thing I want are those delicious fresh farm eggs. They are so good. Not like any other eggs I’ve ever eaten and I’m almost 91 yrs. Young. Your bread is delicious also. Farm life is very rewarding . Lots of hard labor. Thats what makes it good. Happy holidays to all in Tennessee. Alice from California !

    1. Thank you for the kind words. So glad you enjoy your time here and the food. We are looking forward to your next visit.

  3. My household always looks forward to cracking the eggs from Bar~K farms. Best eggs by far. We load up by the dozens. Chickens are very well provided for. And the bread!! ? Yummy… Thanks Bar~K farms for the delicious meals.

  4. Best eggs I have ever tasted and the chickens are always so happy as they free roam. The kids and I always look forward to the Bar-K Farms eggs!

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