Our Approach

Our hens are cage free and free roam depending on the weather. If the weather is too hot or too cold they are in their building which has heat and a/c.

The health and comfort of the hens is always the top concern of their lives here on our farm.

Happy chickens produce great country eggs.

Our Story

We “retired” to a country life after City based careers and found the work was just beginning. We love living on our farm.

Being good stewards of the land and its’ inhabitants (be they domestic or wild) is job one.

Where is Cornersville Tn?

Located in southern Marshall County Tn, Cornersville is midway between Nashville and Huntsville Al. right off I-65.

You can take either exit 27 or exit 22 from I-65 to get to the Bar~K Farm at 2839 Cunningham Road. We are just a couple miles from the Interstate. Cornersville, Tn.