Fresh Eggs

We provide eggs straight from our hens to your kitchen.  There is something about farm fresh that just tastes better.  Whether it’s produce, eggs or any other product raised or grown by Tennessee farmers and ranchers.


Licensed by Tennessee Dept. of Agriculture.

We are certified egg Candler’s and Grader’s at the Bar~K Farm.

Becoming certified in egg candling allowed us to obtain a Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) Egg License.

With the Egg License and Candler’s Certificate, the Bar~K can not only sell to the end consumer, but also to restaurants and retail outlets.

Our process requires we candle each egg to ensure it is up to the standards as set forth by the TDA.  That extra level of inspection and expertise is important to you, the consumer, who will ultimately enjoy the eggs in your kitchen or at a local restaurant.

The certification and licensing were not required if we chose to exclusively sell from our farm to the end consumer.  Roadside stands may or may not sell eggs which have been candled and graded.  We found the candling and grading training to be very informative and important to the end goal of providing a high quality egg product.

If you are buying farm fresh eggs there are a few things to know.  The process of purchasing a quality, great tasting egg begins before you pick up the egg carton.  It begins with the producer providing a healthy, clean and safe environment to the flock.  The eggs must be gathered, inspected and packed in a timely manner.

Do NOT reuse egg cartons.  The risk of contamination is too great.  Always recycle your old cartons.  We have seen egg retailers advertise reduced per carton pricing if you bring your own carton, no good if you are bringing a used one.  Also, if you are traveling a distance to purchase local farm fresh food remember to provide a way to keep your purchases cold for the ride home.  Eggs need to be maintained at no greater than 41° to ensure their safe consumption.

Enjoy consuming all of the farm fresh products Tennessee has to offer.